We’re very proud of Liverpool as a city and all it has to offer. We’ve got everything from waterfront venues and dance warehouses to comedy clubs and a lively gay quarter. You can find out more about Liverpool’s thriving nightlife and start planning your night out here:

There are many things which could ruin a night out for you and your friends such as being refused entry or service at a bar or club for being too drunk, being fined for buying a drink for someone who is drunk or having to go home early because you’ve had too much to drink. We’ve compiled a list of top tips to help you have a great night:

Tip 1: Don’t drink too much at home

It can seem like a good idea to drink at home before you go out. It may make you feel more relaxed and save you money, but it could end up costing you more in the long run. People who drink at home before going out tend to lose track of how much they have had to drink and end up getting more drunk than they had planned. This can often result in a lot of negative consequences and make you more likely to:

  • suffer illness due to excessive alcohol intake, including vomiting, which can bring your night to an early unpleasant end
  • be involved in a fight
  • be injured from falling

Tip 2: Make sure you don’t get alcohol poisoning

Most people aren’t aware that alcohol is a poison and drinking too much can have immediate serious implications for your health. If you’re out in town and feeling very drunk then a few ways to help you sober up are:

  • Stop drinking alcoholic drinks
  • Have something to eat
  • Drink water
  • Ask a friend to take you home or back to your hotel

For more information on alcohol poisoning click here.

Tip 3: Look out for Street Pastors

If you’re feeling a little too drunk on a night out, look out for Street Pastors who provide compassionate support in the city centre and can help you. They work in partnership with Merseyside Police and are based in Church Street, a common route that drinkers take from the Concert square and Matthew Street areas. They can provide you with water and practical help if you need it. They wear a blue coat with a street pastors label on the back.

Tip 4: Use the main taxi ranks

It’s really important to us that you get a safe ride home when you’re leaving the city centre after a night out. We’ve made a list of the best places to wait for your taxi home:

  • Hanover Street
  • Williamson Square
  • Dale Street
  • Duke Street
  • Old Hall Street
  • Bold Street
  • Albert Dock
  • Great Charlotte Street
  • Victoria Street (marshalled on a Saturday night)

Click here for more information on Liverpool’s taxi ranks